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Jay Alansky (a.k.a Jay Alanski)


Born in Paris, lives in Berlin


Jay Alansky is known as a rock’n’roll author, producer, and songwriter. He was also involved in numerous electronic music projects. Along with his prolific career as an avant-garde and highly successful pop musician, his creative processes expand into literature, video, and photography. He creates pictures of disturbing directness in which he places the subjects in the confinements of their own world. Argentiques is a series of photographs taken between 1995 and 2002. Alansky’s shots are merely personal and artistic. His use of colours and contrasts express his vision. In his Warhol-like scenes, he establishes an emotional and somehow edgy dialog with his model whom he exposes in their ultra-modern solitude, at a strange distance from ourselves, and in the unraveling of time and existence.



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