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Sarah Goffman


Born 1966, lives in Sydney, Australia


"Goffman salvages and re-purposes discarded plastics by converting and transforming them into priceless and beautiful objects. Sarah transforms plastic bottles, plates, and cups into intricate replicas of traditional Chinese and Japanese ceramics. They look deceptively fragile. The designs are a “forgery”, she says. “The eye is fooled, and that is an interesting thing in itself. A lot of people think it is ceramic. I love that trickery. I think that’s what art is about: a riddle, a giggle. When I was growing up I used to make fake passports and money. I still make a forgery of money and things of prestige, symbols of excess. The tension between beauty and ugliness is profoundly interesting. Ugliness can be beautiful if it’s just framed right. I guess an art gallery is a great place to frame anything. It’s a rarefied place.”



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