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Tim Johnson


Born 1947 in Sydney. Lives and works in Sydney


A visionary and often eclectic search for artistic and spiritual connections between cultures and countries is at the core of Tim Johnson’s art. Johnson’s extraordinarily compelling paintings embrace the spiritual iconography of a range of cultures from East to West. With his own unique artistic language, his paintings are an infusion of pulsating, floating and shimmering landscapes, fields of colour, dots and multi-cultural iconography, mythology, and imagery. By combining the visual energy of Australian Aboriginal Papunya dot painting, and Buddhist, Hindu, and Tibetan painting with Chinese and Japanese symbols from traditional and contemporary culture he somewhat transports or transcendents to a different consciousness or metaphysical field, ‘floating world’ or ‘Buddhist Pure Land’. Cross cultural referencing through a process of intellectual involvement, respect, collective dialogue and collaboration with artists from different cultural and religious traditions, correlates with Johnson’s belief that is induced from life experience.



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