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Mingjun Luo

Born in 1963 in China, lives and works in Switzerland

Mingjung Luo was training at various art schools in China. Lost, forgotten or repressed histories and memories and places of social and cultural meaning form the artistic identity. Creating new images of her respective lives in China and Switzerland, her paintings reveal themselves as ambiguous and open ended explorations of being in this world at the intersections of China and Europe. Meanwhile, she has returned to oil painting. With white oil paint she paints light surfaces on the dark natural canvas. She often uses her own photos as motifs. With a very dilute white oil color, she elaborates the motif from memory, layer by layer, the original template hardly plays a role. The deliberate omission of details and the delicate white gradations make the scenes from Mingjun Luo's life seem like fleeting memories. She creates images full of poetry between dream and reality.

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