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Martine Pinnel


Born 1988 in Luxembourg, based in Lu-xembourg and London 

Martine Pinnel studied photography at the Academy of San Francisco and currently works as a fashion and editorial photography contributor for Size Magazine and Yoho Magazine in Beijing. She thrives on multicultural influences and continues to develop the use of vibrant colour in her images. In 2012 she was amongst the top ten finalists of the New Exposure Fashion Photography contest presented by Vogue in partnership with RED Digital Cinema® and Bottega Veneta. She has authored features for a range of lifestyle magazines in the USA, UK, China, and Luxembourg. Pinnel uses professional models whom she sets up in carefully chosen environments, authentic sceneries of memorable places. In Martine’s productions every small detail is staged, from the room to the lightning, from the clothes to the make-up. The models play their role und they play it well: However ephemeral the encounter might be, they tell a strong story and make us believe that there is a connection between themselves and their surroundings. Pinnel’s work has been seen in shows at the Milk Gallery in New York, the 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, the Cercle Artistique de Luxembourg, and most recently at the Escher Kulturfabrik in 2015 and Art2Cure in 2016 and 2017.

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