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Rao Fu


Born 1978 in Beijing, lives and works in Dresden, Germany

Chinese artist Rao Fu, whose visual worlds are shaped by the different cultures of East and West, combines Western traditions of art in a unique way with the techniques and motifs of Chinese calligraphy, whose most important tools are paper, brush and ink. In an experiment he discovered bitumen paint, which he uses in combination with oil paint and pigments. His paintings seek to merge oppositional visual and intellectual worlds in an authentic painterly expression.

Fu Rao draws inspiration from the rich tradition of German romanticism by reflecting its history, subjects and technique, using symbolism and allegory, reimagines stories to comment on political, social and environmental issues. He finds connections with contemporary time. Myths are poetic narrations of the present, a way to express hard to grasp emotions and events. Mythical creatures, political instability, family pastimes. Fu Rao’s work is represented in public and private collections in Germany and Luxembourg. 

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