ARTSCAPE Contemporary Art Luxembourg was founded in 2015 in Luxembourg by Christine Kieffer and Stefanie Zutter to represent emerging artists with skill based practices while embracing the diversity of communities in Luxembourg.


The founders have deliberately chosen to be a 'nomadic' gallery and think outside the box and to produce temporary exhibitions outside the white cube within different spaces across Luxembourg.





During 2016, the gallery has gone public with three successful events:


Susanne Strassmann - People-Identities  (solo show)


For its inauguration, the gallery launched an art meets business project to bring contemporary art closer to businesses. ARTSCAPE brought renowned portraitist Susanne Strassmann to Luxembourg to paint portraits of employees in different companies. The six paintings together with 25 works from the studio of the Franco-German painter formed the gallery's first exhibition People/Identities, opened at the prestigious Luxemburgish business club House 17 from 14 January to 12 March 2016.



Pascal Sender - iPaint  (solo show)


During the Luxembourg Art Week 2016, ARTSCAPE presented young Swiss painter Pascal Sender in the one man show iPaint that was placed under the high patronage of the Swiss Embassy in Luxembourg. We hosted Pascal Sender’s interactive paintings performances in our booth in the TAKE OFF section. The artist streams his live performances via the internet to global audiences and invites people to connect on their smartphones and get involved in the creative process. While the live stream paintings reflect what onlookers thought and felt at a given moment, the artist keeps the hand and fluidly orchestrates user comments, own ideas and pictorial strategies.  


Simultaneously, ARTSCAPE opened a private show of a dozen sophisticated works from Pascal Sender’s studio in a private gallery at Luxembourg-Limpertsberg.



Mirror of the self - a photographic investigation into the facets of identity  (group show with nine artists)


The gallery's third exhibition "Mirror of the self - a photographic investigation into the facets of identity" takes over the entire space of House 17 until 7 January 2017. ARTSCAPE has chosen 50 works from nine up-and-coming artists using photography. The artists come from very diverse backgrounds such as music, painting, photojournalism, fashion photography, magazine editing, and use a variety of photographic and other artistic expressions, digital as well as analogue cameras, techniques for picture developing and processing as well for printing, painting and even stitching, to transform the photography image into the mirror of a self.



Our mission


ARTSCAPE continues the gallery's nomadic ethos and further develops its program with aesthetically, sophisticated and innovative artists we truly believe in. We are now looking for higher profile spaces to stage several pop up shows in various venues throughout the city in order to create connections between the arts world, businesses and their audiences.        

    9, rue de cicignon L-1335 luxembourg