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Solo exhibition with works by Susanne Strassmann

For our first exhibition, we have chosen to bring the two worlds Business and Visual Arts closer together by presenting contemporary art in a high profile business club. For the People/Identities show we have asked SUSANNE STRASSMANN to paint a series of portraits in Luxembourgish companies. Those portraits will be presented together with about 20 works of the artist in her first solo show in Luxembourg.

SUSANNE STRASSMANN has a track record of taking her easel outside her artist’s studio and inside the office space of a company. She starts painting the people who work there and gets them to talk about themselves. This creative exchange leaves its footprint in a number of portraits on a canvas. Six such canvases will be on show from this Thursday and an opportunity for the models to face their own appearance in the art works. The relationship between the image and its spectator and the ambivalences of the representation of stereotypes are the favourite topics in the art of SUSANNE STRASSMANN which she explores in photographs and paintings. The quest for one’s own identity and the relationships the individual maintains with the other will guide the spectator through the 25 works in the exhibition People/identities. At HOUSE17, the work of the last few years is combined with the six Luxembourgish paintings that the artist has created in situ at the end of last year. The artist participates regularly in group shows in France and she is present in several private and public collections in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, such as the Beyeler Fondation in Basle. The exhibition organised by ARTSCAPE is the first show of SUSANNE STRASSMANN in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

14 January to 12 March 2016 at HOUSE17, 17 Rue du Nord, L-2229 Luxembourg

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